• Arlington Central School District’s Anti-racist statement 

    • Titusville’s Equity Mission Statement

      Titusville Intermediate School  is a community that celebrates and honors every unique individual member and the multifaceted experiences that they bring to the school.  Through education, discussion, and equitable implementation of school district policies, the Titusville Equity Team will ensure an inclusive, safe, and equitable environment for all in regards to: race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, immigration status, gender, gender identity, ability, physical appearance, religion, culture, and ethnicity.  


    Goals and Essential Questions 2020-21


    • Promote community that shares a common language and is committed to equity.


        • Identify lessons that will allow students to connect with and learn about each other.


    • Identify lessons to teach students equity vocabulary.

    • Identify lessons that teach students how to have conversations about race that lead to understanding. 


        • Identify areas of the curriculum in which we are not including all perspectives and voices.  

        • Identify classroom resources that should be included, and those that, due to bias or misrepresentation, should no longer be used.

      • Afford representative stakeholders a voice in school climate 

        • Ensure that TIS Equity Team membership includes all voices and perspectives.


    • Serve as an accountability mechanism for monitoring and addressing disparities in attendance, achievement, discipline, access and opportunity, and lived experience in the school. 


      • How can we improve attendance? How can we better address attendance issues?  How does hybrid and remote learning impact attendance?

      • In looking at achievement data, what can we do to ensure all subgroups of students are making adequate progress each year?

      • How can we use deescalation techniques to decrease discipline referrals?  How would restorative justice practices impact student behavior and student/staff relationships?

      • Which students have access to accelerated learning opportunities at TIS?  Which TIS students have access to accelerated learning opportunities in middle and high school?

      •  What is the lived experience of students and staff at TIS?  Do all feel embraced by our school’s culture?  How can this be measured?

    • Facilitate professional development for building staff.